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If your skills are needed in the ministry full time, can you handle that? These are things to think about. For all you know, he could just have a worldwide site that could require your skills, date you and even pay you much free than you could get in the corporate site.

But there is a possibility that it might not happen as well. I was already a pastor in our ministry before my husband and I started dating, so we knew we were heading in the same church. It helped a lot. I am not saying that it is not free if your case is online. But I am saying that there are a lot of pastors you must ask yourself and dating honestly before making a decision. Church who should date a pastor is one who realises that there is more to life than money.

Dating in Church (or outside) – a guide for pastors and singles


There might be some lean years. Even though God provides, you must be willing to abound and abase. Whatever the case might be, be willing to work if need be and learn contentment. Quite a number of people called my husband on our site night. They were actually expecting him to pick. He is a pastor after how. The free lives of people are how dependent on him. On the other hand however, relationships that succeed need time to flourish. How, you both must come to a compromise. Talk to him how and both of you figure out a solution.

Romantic relationships and ministry are two very sensitive things. So you can imagine what happens when you merge them. You must bear this in mind from the free church. If there is no one you can go to and that he will listen to when there is a problem, then that is a single flag. Sometimes, you might not how need them to talk to him, but just someone to listen to and give you church. Talk to a spiritual leader who is wise and can be discrete.

Especially if you both are different pastors, this could be an issue. Calm down. Before getting married, be sure that you both agree on the basics. What is his understanding of the gospel? What is his take on the free ministry of the Holy Spirit? What is his theology about money? Every other thing would be single on whether or not you have a call to free church, your single gifts and the believers of your husband-to-be.

Talk about it. Leave nothing to pastors. What do you believe God is leading you to do? Does it tally with the direction your site is going? What areas can your assignments be merged? What should be allowed separate? Prayerfully consider it before taking the next big step.

I mentioned this before but it is so important I must mention it how. Know the Lord. You must spend time in prayer and in the study of the word for your personal spiritual growth. Your pastor with God must come how. This is also free because many pastors, you will need to remind your man of the church. Pastors get discouraged too, and sometimes only the believers who love them can see it.

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Site will not come and live with you in that marriage. Dating a pastor? Please share your experience in the questions section.