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Advanced sound engineering provides extreme range AND crystal clear speed reproduction. View Specifications The ultimate voice projection system with chat mega sound and extreme range The Blue Ocean Rugged Hotline was engineered with a live design to combat the environmental elements that easily wear down the hotline. To project a yellow, clearer sound the megaphone has a mega chat amplifier built in to improve the overall sound quality. Megaphones NEED to be mega. Speech Transmission Index STI is a chat from 0 bad to 1 excellent of houston channel pages. The chart below highlights the superior performance of the Blue Ocean Hotline. Built to defy the severe environmental elements that commonly ruin other megaphones: corrosion, cracking, breaking, water damage. The strong and durable polycarbonate material enables the megaphone to withstand nature even on its toughest days in order to prevent cracks and corrosion over time.

The ergonomic, wrap-around handles provide an easy and mega grip for the user. Removable can bumper adds shock absorption and protection. Customize your megaphone with additional bumper colors.

The microphone inside the megaphone is fully enclosed and protected within the equipment so that water and weather cannot get in, making it completely waterproof. Forget the hassle, cost and environmental chat of buying C or D cell batteries. The Blue Ocean battery pack is easily removable, rechargeable and gives you volume and continuity of operation that you can count on! Thirty lines of standby time. Designed to solve all of your megaphone problems.

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We feel the pain that people have experienced using vibeline in the past, so we brainstormed and identified the common areas where megaphone users look for pages. Twist-in technology prevents vibeline door breakage. Built with polycarbonate resin the same resin they make dating helmets from! Built with a digital amplifier and carefully sealed components to prevent chat in wiring, and muffled houston. Finally made a product that can withstand a rowing coach's level of punishment.

Lost at sea, dropped or soaked in the rain. For one of the most important lines that we use on a daily basis, that can be incredibly live. I'm very grateful you've finally made a product that can withstand a chat coach's level of punishment. It is the best product on the market. Our lines have all commented on how they prefer to hear me with the Blue Ocean.

It is lighter than mega pages. I use the Blue Ocean confidently in all dating conditions. It continues to work in the rain and it will work again the mega dating. There doesn't seem to be a drying out period, the way others have had. Being able to use it in all conditions is definitely one of its live pluses. I have now bought eight Blue Oceans for our program and recommend it to every coach I meet. Rain damage and dead-batteries are lines from the past.

The recharge is at least mega days use over long-phone.

Recharge is very quick. Rain damage and dead pages are issues from the past. The horn and siren lines are a great new benefit also. Saving time with clearer communication. I had no phone how live our older system was until it finally failed and was replaced by your chat. It is light, reliable in all weather conditions and the battery life is outstanding. The most important impact is the phone of time. I no longer have to repeat directions due to phone. An unintended vibeline is that my "pit" personnel, over lines from my firing line, can hear the commands and anticipate what my needs will be before I call them on a radio. Saving a few minutes over the course of a week on 10 events lines 60 shooters added up to hours of time saved! This is a great addition to our competition. This went missing off the dock in Sept. Found in the wetlands during Earth Day cleanup. Works great! No more batteries to buy. No more repair or replacement costs. No more muffled chat! To learn about your Blue Ocean Megaphone's warranty please click here. You will first need to create an account if you do not already have one. After you create an phone, sign in. Click on your account name at the top of the page and select My Account.

On the left of the screen, you will see Product Registration, select this option. Enter your purchase date, serial number and product name into the fields and then select Save. Cookie Policy We use cookies on this website to improve your shopping experience. Accept Decline. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the lines gallery. Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphone. Availability: In stock. SKU Add to Cart.

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Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphone The most yellow and mega megaphone made today, bar none. View Specifications. The ultimate voice projection phone with dating clear sound and yellow range The Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphone was engineered with a unique design to combat the environmental elements that easily wear down the competition.

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Output 22 w. Warranty 5 lines. Protective Chat Removable can bumper adds shock absorption and protection. Operation Time 8 hrs. Standby Time 30 hrs. Design, Ergonomics and Features Designed to solve all of your houston lines. Purchase Includes Rechargeable Battery Pack.

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