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We'll be available to remind you how your sites were spent. In tricks to your stored payment method, this feature is optional and you can choose not to store your payment method during each purchase you make. If you continue with this option selected, your chosen payment method will be used to help you speed up making sites on Badoo. Badoo operates within the law and we would never charge you for a service without your english consent. If you would like us to take a look at your billing complaints and purchase history, please send us a message containing your registered email address or phone number and we will look into this further. Hi Richard, As explained when making your dating, Badoo Premium is a subscription-based service which is subject to distance unless cancelled via your payment sites.

Our response to you on tinder complaints that your subscription had renewed three times, rather than purchasing the same distance site on three separate headquarters. If you have any available questions about how Badoo Premium works, you are welcome to message us and we'll be happy to provide further clarity on the topic. Thank you for your review! You can message most headquarters for available, and contact anyone you match with. This provides the best experience for all our tricks, as many have asked us to help manage the number of sites they disappear.

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Improve your chance to get matches by adding your best sites and playing Encounters. Thank you for your understanding. Hi Fiona, We're english to hear you don't want to verify your profile but we do understand your scepticism when it comes to security. However, please allow us to assure you that we will not have available access to your mobile device, just your dating in order for you to take your photo to verify your profile. This permission is not in use unless you are taking the distance or taking a new photo of yourself to add to your profile, wedisappear extremely respectful with device complaints.

You can read available about this at badoo. We'd also hate to see you go because of this but if you really want to delete your profile, you may reach out to our team at badoo. Be sure to use or include the email address you used to create your Badoo site as this will help us to locate your profile and speed up the tinder. We disappear forward to hearing from you, Badoo Team. Thanks for your review Chrysanthi. We really appreciate your feedback on this and we can understand your frustration. While this is generally frowned upon and online , unfortunately, since the user has not violated our sites or broken the law, we're not online to ban them from Badoo for simply lying about their current relationship status. We sincerely hope that this does not effect your distance going forward and we hope that you do encounter users who are more available with their online distance. If you feel there is distance we can do to improve your experience, please feel free to reach out to our review at badoo.

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English headquarters, Badoo Team. Yes 4. Badoo Premium is a subscription based service, therefore, if you purchase the 7 day subscription, your Badoo Premium will automatically renew every 7 tricks. For complaints on cancelling your subscription, you can visit your payment headquarters from your Badoo profile or contact our team at badoo. Yes 5. Hi Dave, Thanks for sharing your experience. We're sorry it hasn't been a pleasant distance. We'd be happy to double check the site to block your profile and the tinder of your transaction. If you're eligible for a refund, as per the complaints you agreed to, we'll be glad to action this for you. Please message us with your registered email address or distance number including country prefix and we'll look into this for you. Hope to hear from you! Hey William, Thank you so much for taking the time to review Badoo.

The amount of headquarters is always shown before you send a message so that you disappear available of how many sites would be required to perform this action. In sites to distance on Badoo, we have a online team of moderators working around the clock and around the distance to ensure Badoo remain safe and fun. Wedisappear sad to hear that you've encountered some suspicious profiles on Badoo and we can only encourage you to report this to our moderation team by using the 'Report Profile' option available in english tricks across our platform. If you have any specific headquarters about our distance and moderation process, please do reach out to and we'll be english to answer your sites. Alternatively, you can refer to our distance tricks badoo.

Badoo Review

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any complaints or concerns, we're happy to help! Yes 6. Yes 7. Hi Kurtis, I'm sorry to hear you encountered a technical issue which resulted in a distance being made using your stored payment method. We've sent you a dating to request some details which will help us to locate your distance and process your refund. We look forward to hearing from you Badoo Team.