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Thankful for Boating

Something to be thankful for! Boating season isn’t really over!

Summer’s done and gone, but you don’t have to put your boat away just yet.  Why is it that many believe that the first day of signals the end of boating season? And that is only if you didn’t already but the boat away labour day with all your white shoes.  The truth is that boating season does not have to end just because the hazy days of summer do.  We Canadians aren’t scared of a little cold… especially not the brisk breezes of fall!

Everyone knows that summer is the shortest season of the year but is not the only season you can enjoy the water, and neither is late spring.  Soring marks the rush of getting ready and summer is busy and always seems to blow by too quickly, so get the most out of your boat by staying out on the water longer. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the back-to-school preparation rush, only to realize that suddenly it’s September 7th and school has started, too many of us find ourselves asking… where did summer go?

Summer, step aside… there is a new favourite boating season ahead. Don’t rush to take the boat out especially this year with such warm September days still ahead!

This fall may just be the best boating season of all! There are plenty of great weekends ahead. If people can still be camping, why shouldn’t we still be out on the water?  In my opinion, fall may be the best boating time all year.

First boating is not just bikinis and sunscreen. It is about enjoying the great outdoors and basking in the beauty of nature. It is about finding a calm and relaxing place to pass the time! A get away from the everyday! And that does not have to end because the temperatures start to drop. September, October, and possibly even early November offers great opportunities to love your boat.

Just think of the possibilities! With fewer boats on the water, you will have more opportunities to explore, fewer interruptions, and simple a more relaxed setting to enjoy. It’s peaceful when you’re the only boat on the lake. A lot of people take their personal watercraft or boat out of the lake the last weekend of the summer before school starts, but little do they know they’re missing out on some prime boating. Lots of waterfront seasonal restaurants are open till Thanksgiving weekend and there are lots of cottage rentals and accommodations that hold discounts during September and October.  Take this time to try something new or explore a new lake or area. If you are looking for peace and quiet, then you should take advantage of some of the off-season savings on cottage rentals.

Personally, I love the majesty of fall and I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the bounty of nature’s colourful displays than in the bow of a boat. With everyone wanting to get out and enjoy the outdoors and Covid numbers rising again, a scenic water tour will also be an easier place to practice social distancing. Whether you tour up the Rideau Canal, slowly cruise the Saint Lawrence and explore one of Ontario’s many lakes…let the yellow leaves bouncing in the breeze lull you into a blissful state of relaxation.  Dock the boat and go on a quick hike or heat up some chili or hot Choco., or drop anchor and snuggle under a cozy blanket and take in the starry skies.

There’s no need to be upset about summer ending or fearing those winter blues just yet; there is still plenty of time to make the most of the season and get out on the water!