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Buying a Boat in 2021

The last year has proven to be one of the most difficult years for many people. With very few channels for enjoying social time with friends and family, and so few options to enjoy days off, people across Canada and the rest of the world have looked toward recreational activities such as boating.

The boating industry has seen a surge in sales globally and while on the surface it looked like a positive occurrence, it was anything but. Dealers and manufacturers were faced with increasingly high demand while shortages remained constant or worsened as supplies dwindled and manufacturing plants were forced to pause production.

Many customers are now left asking, “What are my options for buying a boat in 2021?”

What Are The Options?

As someone working in the industry, I can tell you, while there are more obstacles in place than ever before, it is still possible to secure your dream boat.

One thing is certain; dealers and manufacturers are doing everything within their power to ensure their customers have a boat to safely enjoy this summer.

While business practices have changed, dealers are still able to “show” boats through many ways, such as in-person showings with appointments adhering to safe distance practices, and of course there are more remote options such as video calls or good old-fashioned emails and telephone calls. We at The Boat Warehouse like most retailers, hold the safety of our customers and employees alike, at the highest regard and we are willing to provide the safest means of helping you find your dream boat.

Next to safety, the main concerns our customers have are when stock will be available or when their ordered boat will arrive. These are the most difficult questions to answer. While we have many boats on order, the majority have been or are being purchased before the boat is even built. Additionally, with the many setbacks faced by the manufacturers, orders are being pushed back further than anticipated. While we still encourage customers to purchase while possible, we can not guarantee a delivery date like most years. Although, we are working vigilantly with manufacturers to ensure customers do have the most time possible to enjoy their new boat we like many others are juggling within this new COVID influenced world.

How We Can Help You!

While 2021 models are sold out or in extremely limited supply, it is never too early to secure your order for 2022.  Although 2022 models do not have set pricing yet, as we have not received payment options from the manufacturers, we are happy to begin building boats orders for the 2022 model year.  Although prebuilding for 2022 might not sound appealing at first, building your own boat for order allows you to pick and choose all the options you want to build the boat of your dreams.  Planning now provides you more time to explore options and finishes and truly will give you everything you are dreaming of in your pre-ordered 2022 model.

Call us now to discuss how you can build your boat today.

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